Many patients find themselves experiencing depression and anxiety when they notice hair loss and baldness. There are many potential causes of hair loss,  such as genetic predisposition, postpartum effects, thyroid, stress, hormones, medications, menopause, and aging.  These factors can cause hair loss in the frontal region and the crown area of the scalp. Whatever the reason may be one thing is for certain, the best way to treat hair loss is by speaking with a hair specialist. 

At Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging we offer an innovative hair loss treatment called the Follicular Unit  Extraction (FUE) transplant method. This state of the art method does not require the incision in the back of the scalp and does not leave any scarring. FUE hair transplant is the extraction of hair follicles from the areas of the head where thicker hair is harvested and then implanted into the problem areas of the scalp. These treated follicles will grow into fuller, healthier hair,  resulting in a permanent cure for hair loss.

If you would  like to learn more about how an FUE Hair Transplant can  help restore your youthful hairline, contact the team at  Cosmetica